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Shhhh! We have a NEW children's book in the works...

...made for reluctant readers and readers of all learning types!

Super Sleuth
Pre-sales start Aug 15

Three quirky and curious kids, their wacky aunt, and a seriously grumpy tuxedo cat want to create a musical instrument from stuff from around the house. 


Along the way, they learn about sound waves, tension, strength, intuitive ear training, dividing in half, the importance of kindness and sharing, and having patience with yourself when learning something new.

Join us as we create more hilarious adventures with Abba, Caruso and the gang!

Advance praise for Super Sleuth

“My 4 and 7 year old devoured this 100+ page book with relish. It was fun and easy for both because they were familiar with the characters and story.” 

“The kids ask to listen to their favorite chapter over and over again.” 


“I have seen their vocab and reading comprehension improve dramatically within just a few weeks, and they love playing super sleuth in the kitchen.”

“A must-have for all reading teachers and classrooms.” 



Super Sleuth

Text by S.B. Goncarova     

Illustrations by S.B. Goncarova and Lauren Pletinckx

110 p.

Paperback: ISBN 13: 978-1-7375689-1-9

S.B. Goncarova (aka Abba), is a visual artist, writer and children’s literacy advocate. She is the creator of the animated webtoon series Adventures with Abba, which mixes a little bit of science, math, and music with a whole lot of silly humor. She is also the author of several childrens’ books, including The Secret Code of the Heartbeat Drum and The Curious Case of the Creepy Cave. 


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