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with Abba!

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Super Sleuth 
A new picture book that mixes little bit of math, science and music with a WHOLE LOT of silly humor...Join Abba, Caruso, and the gang as together we learn about sound waves, tension, strength, intuitive ear training, dividing in half, the importance of kindness and sharing, and having patience with yourself when learning something new.

Shh! This is no time for idle chit chat... we have a  new surprise in store...
Announcing our new release

Save the date! 

Pre-sales start Aug 15! 

CLAY GROUSE KIDS is a groundbreaking differently-abled female-led indie press and animation studio. We specialize in creating books, read-aloud videos, audiobooks to inspire creativity and curiosity in children.

For kids who love the books, we are proud to present our animated children's series, Adventures with Abba. It is full of fun adventures, general goofiness, and our beloved characters come to life!

Our mission is to help
kids of all learning types become better readers by creating books that kids want to read, see and hear, over and over again!

Because the longer a kid stays with a book, the stronger the reader they become!


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